"Readers expecting the usual World War I story of military encounters, battles, and strategies will find The Sins of Soldiers operates on a satisfyingly different level than most, offering soul-searching insights and experiences that take the events of the war and move them into new emotional heights." D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review 

A traditional science fiction thriller, Reason for Existence offers an unforgettable protagonist and an incredible action ride through geopolitical intrigue and suspense.

Free or discounted 2-26. Out of the Shoebox is a fascinating journal that reads like a detective story, comes across as an imaginative quest into the past, yet is the true personal story of the writer, Yaron Reshef. 

Free or discounted .Feb 7th to 17th. The book has been described as the intersection of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Four Hour Work Week. Written by a former 'amatuer rockstar' turned personal finance expert, it provides a step by step framework on how to buy time, find new experiences, and keep more of what you worked for. 


Free or discounted 2-11. Happy Valentine! Love crosses borders. You are welcome to share and spread it around the globe.

Free or discounted 2-24.An empty crime scene. A blood-spattered stone. And a 400-year-old mystery. 

Free or discounted 2-27 to 3-2. Choose to Have High Self-Esteem provides strategies, methods, and techniques to build high self-esteem and maintain or protect it. An abundance of examples explains and illustrates the content presented. Questions provided at the end of the chapters will help you apply the information to gain high self-esteem. 

Free or discounted 2-4.When Vicky gets in trouble with the handsome professor Miller she tries to regain his approval by doing an extra assignment for him, but it's a task that will keep her busy in the library for most of the night. 

Free or discounted 2-8 to 2-10. Teenager Matthew Smith feels like his life is a mess. Since his dad died he keeps arguing with his mum, and is being bullied at school. Worst of all he has a crush on a girl who doesn't seem to know he's alive.

Free or discounted 1-30 to 2-28.Jack and his partner Bear have a run-in with four CIA special agents over the treatment of an Iraqi family. Within hours Jack and Bear are detained. He has placed himself dead square in the middle of a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of the U.S. government. 

Free or discounted 2-4 to 2-11.This book teaches children a lot about giraffes and their environment. Everyone can learn something new and unique about giraffes. They are a one of a kind animal. This book is full of fun pictures of giraffes in their everyday life. 

  Free or discounted 2-22 to 26 Discover why people fail at achieving their diet goals and how you can lose weight successfully. 

Free or discounted 3-9.  Fate brought us here. Faith will get us out.” Hannah, a green-eyed beauty, finds herself in mid-life with no husband, no work, and no clear direction

 Free or discounted 2-20 to 3-26.Book 1: Holly Holloway is locked in a dusty room, strapped to a ticking bomb. What would you do, if you only had one hour left to live? Atomic Number Sixty is the first part of a thrilling series, with 60 chapters each set in real time taking the reader 1 minute to read 

Free or discounted 12-22 to 23. Michael has just finished his studies in journalism when he joins a U.S. relief organisation in Honduras. He finds himself unprepared for the brutal reality of the gang-ridden country. Through his work, he steadily gets more and more entangled in the battle against a corrupt security company – the part he plays could cost him his life.

Free or discounted 2-24 to 3-24 - 17 Mr Good,” she purred like a hungry cat meeting a blind mouse, “and I do hope you will be.” She slid beautifully, effortlessly in to the knackered old punter’s chair, and I swear the thing wrapped itself lovingly around her sexy, lithe frame. Then she tempted me with those dark bewitching eyes… 

Smokin' Weed With Jesus is an irreverent, humorous approach to what the Messiah might have to say about how we live our lives, pointing out the differences between religion and the need for a well grounded spirituality, as well as the need to change. 

Free or discounted 3-9. Can she save her twins?
Poland, World War II. A desperate young Jewish woman sacrifices her life to save her baby twins from the terrible death that awaits them.

 Free or discounted to 1-17 to 1-30 Dave Pulaski is headed to Los Angeles to kill Walt Freeman, the man responsible for devastating his home town of Tres Marias. But everything changes when he rescues Sasha, a Russian girl who escaped Walt’s secret medical facility.

Free or Discounted to 2-9 to 11. Cassie makes terrible decisions. On a whim, she hands her choices over to Twitter, and at first her followers seem to be making her life better...

Free or discounted 1-28 to 2-1 Over the centuries, the Western world has turned to conventional medicine to treat a host of illnesses. However, with more and more studies being conducted, it is becoming increasingly clear that conventional medicine, such as surgical or pharmaceutical treatment, may not be the ultimate treatment option currently available, not to mention it's certainly not the most affordable

Free or discounted 2-22 to 4-1.Welcome to Haeylo, where Supes rule the city, humans are an endangered species and Pandora is as curious as ever. Arriette Monroe never expected to be thrust into the heart of supernatural chaos, nor did she deem herself worthy of four very special gifts. But now she's got friends to rescue, Vampyrs to fight and impossible expectations to meet. Although Arriette thinks she's walking pandemonium, The Recruit think she's their saviour. And they're willing to prove it..

Free 2-11 to 2-15. With Mastering the Art of Forex Trading you're getting the perfect guide to do it. Through reading the book you'll learn the most important skills to start trading and even advanced techniques that will make you better than most of the people in the market. 

Free or Discounted 2-18 125,000+ Sales, 1,550+ Amazon Reviews" A gripping novel that combines archeological, historical, scientific, and romantic elements to create a thrilling, strong story. Authentic characters, all-too human relationships, adventures and mysteries transport readers into past, present, and future events--a wonderful discovery for this reader, who cannot wait for more!" The Columbia Review 

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Free or discounted 2-10 to 11.Learn about Attachment Theory, the theory that answers the questions above through evolutionary psychology and social cognition theories. This psychological comic book will help you understand the love and its emotions better and get the best out of your relationships.  

Free 1-9 Downbeat journalist Mike, having just published his first book online, finds himself caught up in a sequence of unsettling events that threaten to become as dramatic as those of his book.

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​After the end of World War Two,there was a long period of recovery from the years of struggle and sacrifice.When I arrived in Paris, the scars were deep and more prevalent than at home in California. During that period, I adjusted to a new way of life. Study was different and exciting at the famous Academies, and I worked hard to fulfill my dream of becoming a great painter. 4.5 Stars with Great Reviews!

Free or discounted 3-9 to 13. Melina Roberts is unaware she’s the daughter of legendary spy Evan Roberts. A student at a suburban high school, she’s busy with schoolwork and a budding romance with the cute new guy Alex. When new clues surface about her mother’s accident, Melina and Alex are drawn into her father’s shadowy world.

 Free or discounted 2-1 to 2-14.SET YOUR NIGHTS ABLAZE WITH THE FIRST BOOK IN THE FLAMES OF VAMPIRE PASSION SERIES London: “Human life is short. 

Free or discounted 2-20 to 22. Lily posts lewd pictures on an internet forum so that she can have boys swoon over her all day. She loves the attention, but she still feels something missing in her life. That is until she gets a message from a boy that she goes to college with, and he recognizes that she is a classmate of his.

Free or discounted 2-14 to 23. A riveting and scripturally faithful retelling of the story of Cain and Abel that will leave you breathless... "A stunning and captivating novel." --Billy Coffey, critically acclaimed author of When Mockingbirds Sing

Free or discounted A Survival Guide on how to stand alone in your job like a true expert. Overcome all those obstacles that a stand-alone job features - read about sample cases, and get practical tips. 

Free or discounted 2-21 to 28. A Paranormal Romance.

Free 2-14 to 28. Welcome to the Spring Training series by best-selling author Becca Jameson. Spring Training follows the lives of several major league baseball players as they deal with the fame and reality of life and love.

Free or discounted 2-2 to 2-3. "Magic Kingdom" is bright colorful educational magazine for preschool children and children of primary school age

Free or discounted 2-4 to 2-11. "Learn Cool Colors and Shapes" allow children to learn about basic colors and shapes. Children will delight in learning from this book. 

Free or Discounted 2-11.When a bitter evil threatens to destroy the kingdom of Arra, a nineteen-year-old farm girl, the orphan Elaina, finds her life entangled with that of the prince.

Free or discounted 2-24 to 2-27 Contemplative Gaze is a book that helps you listen to yourself, find your own voice and start creating your life from the inside out. This book is a path to the deepest levels of yourself to find your own answers to your questions and, as a result, it gives you the opportunity to create a positive change in your life. 

Free or discounted 3-8 to 3-18. Just what happens when a rational, down-to-earth rancher hooks up with a quirky new age witch who can give him a hard one with just a look and likes to dance naked under the moon?

Free or discounted 2-20 to 27. Men, let's face it. Strategizing and knowing the do's and don't's is an important method for getting a desired result. Looking for the affection or love of a woman is the same. 

 Free or discounted 3-5 to 3-6. Agents of SHIELD meets Ancient Aliens in this action packed SciFi Romance! 

Kendra and her boyfriend are sharing the same girl. This tale chronicles the lives of several queer women who navigate life in silence. Dealing with drug addiction, assault, personality disorders, and closeted behavior. They hang out at one bar in the town they live in, so everybody knows everyone else's business. At least for that day. 

Free or discounted 1-13 to 1-23-17. A fast-paced epic fantasy about Darnuir, a sixty year old dragon prince who is reborn and raised by humans instead. Can he reconcile his dual natures and unite the races against a demonic threat?

Free or discounted 11-20 to 12-30. A fast paced, action packed thriller. Highly recommended -The Columbia Review #1 Amazon Best Seller Would you sell your soul to the Devil... even halfheartedly? 

Free or discounted 2-9 to 13. -Book teaches you how to attain ultimate self-discipline in the shortest time frame possible

Free or discounted 2-3 to 2-7. The SEO Dictionary is the most complete glossary of search engine optimization terms on the web and is useful for beginners to learn SEO jargon fast and easily! This dictionary style book contains easily explained meanings of over 300+ SEO terms

Free or discounted 3-6 to 3-10. Bottled up in the Vrell valley, Stiger and his elven companion, Eli, learn of Garand Thoss, an ancient and abandoned dwarven city. Within its hallowed halls resides a prize of unimaginable value; a prize that will reveal the true history of the empire, and force Stiger to face a new enemy more deadly than he has ever faced before…

Free or discounted 2-25 to 3-1. Most people wish they had psychic powers to use in their everyday lives. How incredible would it be if you could read other people’s minds before they even said a word? And wouldn’t it be amazing if you could know exactly what your spouse was thinking about just by looking at him? 

Free or discounted 2-26 to 3-1 Andrew is fifteen years old. He's been sent to stay with his grandmother for the summer while his parents finish their divorce, but the summer's up and he's still stuck up in Wisconsin. And his best and only friend is a monster. 

Free or discounted 2-15 too 3-10 First key to becoming a vampire's housekeeper: SURVIVE THE INTERVIEW Deidre finds herself out of a job, out of luck, and out of time.

Free or discounted 2-28 to 3-3. Whether you are an aspiring guitar player, or have played the instrument for many years, you know that learning about guitar maintenance can be intimidating and confusing. This book offers simple steps to empower you to care for your own guitar. 

Free/Discounted to 1-14 to 18. Ted is a young two and half-year-old boy who is learning new responsibilities. When his mom asks Ted to complete a task, Ted is unable to do it by himself. 

 Ashley's life has always been hard. She lives in a house full of lies and deceit. She opts to take a break from her life only to meet Max. He's dark and mysterious. Ashley falls for him hard and fast but when he changes, she loses all hope. Ashley is now forced to live in a new hell. one she isn't sure she will make it out of

Free or discounted to 2-9 to 3-9. In a span of mere hours, the entire adult population is decimated, leaving their children behind to fend for themselves and deal with the horrific aftermath of the freak occurrence. 

Free or discounted 2-28 TO 3-7. Empty Quiver (n) – A U.S. Military term to identify and report the seizure, theft, or loss of a nuclear weapon. They were never designed to be heroes. 

Free or discounted 2-13 to 19.  Wordpress Security Essentials: For Webtrepreneurs, Web Designers And Information Security Profession

Free or discounted 2-16 to 2-18. Neal, a professional auto detailer is seduced by Kay, a mature widow with an odd fetish.



Free or discounted 12-25 to 12-26 Victor has been a vampire for centuries but he is finding it increasingly difficult to stay well fed. The brazen nature of today’s prey is only part of his problem. Moravian vampire lore requires he attack in the nude. And now his nighttime stalking has caught the attention of a strange and arresting undercover policewoman. 

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Free or discounted 12-19  A suspenseful and emotional journey which answers the question: what if I could visit the afterlife?

Free or discounted 2-23 -27. This book is about the reality that we create for ourselves, and it’s the only reality we know, there is no other reality except this one. This reality is the illusion in which we live and strongly believe it is the life. Life is not related or connected to this reality, which is created by our thinking. 

Free 2-20 to 3-3 When Sophie moves away to university, she isn’t expecting to be thrown into a world where supernatural creatures are real, nor is she expecting to attract the attention of the most eligible werewolf in town. The Foxblood trilogy is a fast-paced young adult fantasy adventure. 

Free or discounted 3-17 to 21. Brief Description
When technology and science fail, magic regains supremacy, an ancient from the dark past fights to save civilization from chaos and shadowy cults. 

Free or discounted 2-22 Looking for an unusual read? Dette Chambers' Death Journal has love, death and everything in between. 

Free or discounted 2-12 to 28. From the elegant restaurants of Soho to the glittering hotels lining the Rive Gauche, Pierre searches for the one thing that will make his life complete. His soul mate. Life doesn't hand him that wish, but instead gives him the opportunity to search for it.

Free  or discounted 2-15 to 3-15. Historical Fiction Mystery about the most famous werewolf investigation in history. Based on true events, takes place in Germany during the Reformation, in 1588. 

The heartbreaking story of the final days of the Vietnam War through the personal stories of those trapped in a city once known as the Paris of the Orient. 

Eric Colman, is a college man who likes to drink, take drugs, and party. However, he is the key to saving the world as the Ancient Gods choose him to be the Savior. In his quest, he will cross paths with Robias, a self-serving attorney who is on his quest of discovery. Type your paragraph here.

Free or discounted 2-13 to 3-10 An earl with a terrifying secret ... Alexander Cole was a man ruled by his voracious appetite for carnal pleasures until a golden-haired devil in the guise of a goddess lures him into an encounter that costs him his humanity.  

Free or discounted 3-8 TO 3-12.Willow Grove Abbey is the first novel in the Somerville Trilogy, set in England, and spanning the years of World War II from 1935 to 1945.

Free or Discounted 3-5 to 3-9 What do you do when your father's latest invention a new laser spaceship returns without him

 Free or discounted 2-16 to 20.  Dating back to 3000 B.C., cannabis has been used as a relaxant and pain reliever, both for recreational and medicinal purposes. In this book you will learn everything you need to know about cannabis. 

Free or discounted 3-3-17.The wittiest, most original post-apocalyptic book you'll ever read! 

Free or discounted 2-1 to 5. Mark McKinnon is a frustrated 30-something network security expert, but with a past his co-workers know nothing about. Working in a dead-end job, his boss is the worst excuse for a human being he's ever encountered