The heartbreaking story of the final days of the Vietnam War through the personal stories of those trapped in a city once known as the Paris of the Orient. 

 Ashley's life has always been hard. She lives in a house full of lies and deceit. She opts to take a break from her life only to meet Max. He's dark and mysterious. Ashley falls for him hard and fast but when he changes, she loses all hope. Ashley is now forced to live in a new hell. one she isn't sure she will make it out of

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Free or discounted 6-3 to ​6-17. A sexy, supernatural, romantic suspense that will send chills down your spine... To save her, he must let go of everything he ever believed. 4.4 Stars with over 70 reviews.

Bookworm World has three packages for book promotions. We promote fiction, non-fiction,  poetry.

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Free or discounted 5-25 to 5-26.

Elizabeth Shaw faces the challenge of her life when she's appointed to represent the most hated man in the rural county where she's the only female trial attorney around. Her client is a drifter accused of killing a popular paralegal who worked for a powerful local attorney who also happens to be running for governor of the state. 

There is nothing you can do and no place that you can hide. Your comfortable existence is about to vanish forever. Darkness is falling and none of us may survive. Near the end, a handful of heroes will emerge that may or may not be able to save us. The evil that we face is all-consuming and those that stand between it and us are so very few. Each of these heroes has a disability that is tied to their unique talent. 

A research lab tech has a very bad 40th birthday, finding out her husband is leaving her, and then gets bitten by a mouse in the lab. She goes a little crazy, taking off after an old dream and a new crush: the drummer of a heavy metal band.

"Sunflowers in a Hurricane is a wholesome and inspiring novel, one that I highly recommend for teens and adults alike." - Laura Pearl, author of Finding Grace and Erin's Ring
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A CIA analyst gets caught up in a conspiracy: a new technology threatens world peace, North Korea's nuclear ambitions, Chinese cyber warfare. The first book in Quantum, a spy thriller trilogy. 


A science fiction and psychological thriller that will keep readers guessing till the very end. Delve into a world where the truth is hidden in plain sight. Type your paragraph here.

West Barrington, a musician from 1926 Harlem, awakes in 2016 Harlem after falling asleep on the eve of 1927. During West's journey in the future he discovers the reason behind his time travel. $.99Type your paragraph here.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre Eric Colman, is a college man who likes to drink, take drugs, and party. However, he is the key to saving the world as the Ancient Gods choose him to be the Savior. In his quest, he will cross paths with Robias, a self-serving attorney who is on his quest of discovery. 

This book is designed to give you a step-by-step process of understanding how to build credit and obtain funding for any business. 

A fast paced book which doesn't just explore the possibility that everything is connected - it also explains why! 

Is Naomi being tormented by her own inner demons or some new type of ghostly visions that haunt the Pacific Cove Ranch? Can she survive or will they drive her mad? Can she convince her family that she isn’t just grieving for her sister, but that these ghosts are trying to tell her about a secret she is supposed to discover? Will she figure it out and prove to her family she isn’t imagining things?

Ty Megan O'Conner is kidnapped along with her daughter, Abby. She wakes up to a strange planet and strange creatures. They expect the women of Earth to be docile and do as they are told; but the life of a slave is one Megan refuses. 

Strungballs is an extraordinary novella from Strange Books author Mike Russell. What are Strungballs? Ten-year-old Sydney is about to find out... but first he must have a cube of his flesh removed. Sydney will transgress everything he was taught to believe in when he embarks upon a journey that will reveal the astonishing secrets hidden by the red balls on white strings known only as... Strungballs. 

Can Kayla handle her new life and survive the evil of the world? Can she uncover the secrets of her past? 

To save the Faery world and her mother’s life, seventeen year old Lorelei sacrificed everything, and the dangerous bargains she made in Nevermore had lasting repercussions. Now safely back in her own world, Lorelei seems the same to her high school friends and her supernatural boyfriend, despite the dark magic growing within her. Love across dimensions is complicated, especially when an invisible veil between the two worlds is sealing, threatening to separate Lorelei and Adrius forever.

Think 'Back to the Future' meets 'Quantum Leap' in Biblical Proportions.

Death seems to follow seventeen-year-old Sadie Sanders everywhere she goes–literally. As a mediator to the dead, she must constantly face fighting demons and the occasional angry dead girl. Type your paragraph here.

20 mind-expanding short stories. Inspiring, liberating, otherworldly, magical, surreal, bizarre, funny, disturbing, unique… all of these words have been used to describe the stories of Mike Russell so put on your top hat, open your third eye and enjoy… Nothing Is Strange! 

On a planet thought to be lifeless the battle for control of it resumes. The Queen of Heavens is brought out of mothballs to make contact with the inhabitants only to encounter ancient rival.

The town of Sumpkinville has magical shops, a famous pumpkin patch and a pumpkin named Jack

Cait thought her life was fairly ordinary, but when a simple night out results in attracting the attention of the most dangerous forces in the demon world, life becomes anything but normal. 

He was given the name Benvolio, but what part does benevolence play in a tragedy? For no good deed goes unpunished. 

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A Gripping and fast novel that engulfs a struggling detective in a vicious circle of lies and deceit. Edward Durant is a middle aged detective working in central London, he is faced with the most graphic and dangerous chase of his life. Can he complete his investigation, or will love and temptation prevail? 


Isabel Risa has avoided love since her ex-fiancees deception led to heartbreak. When her PR firm is hired by a luxury hotel group owned by gorgeous, arrogant entrepreneur Henry Darling, sparks fly from the first meeting. Henry appears to have it all but, scarred by the terrible secret of a traumatic past, he never lets anyone get too close. If you love sweet romances, glamorous settings and a smattering of erotica, this book is for you.

Political plotting, lesbian romance, hot jazz. What can be better?

An intriguing cast of characters that could even be you and your neighbors and friends take both together and separately an unintended journey seeking safety, security, and answers as an America in sudden crisis and the entire world spins out of control into the biblical End of Days. 

The book chronicles the life of Sandy Hubacka Treft, a first generation American, single mother, stenographer, spiritual teacher/student and life enthusiast. 

Your complete guide to visiting Amsterdam with a family.

A complete guide from A-Z on how to begin planning, booking, and enjoying the vacation of your lifetime at a fraction of the cost! This book will cover each step of a booking process and how to obtain amazing deals on flight, hotel bookings, car rentals and more.

Michael has just finished his studies in journalism when he joins a U.S. relief organisation in Honduras. He finds himself unprepared for the brutal reality of the gang-ridden country. Through his work, he steadily gets more and more entangled in the battle against a corrupt security company – the part he plays could cost him his life.  human men. But when she meets Nathan MacAuley, the ONE, things start to go sideways

Yael is under rehab for severe drug addiction. His volunteer chat-mate Jeremy becomes his source of will to go clean and start over. However not long after his release, Yael drowns back with his vice. 

The wife or the lover

In this guide, we shall outline 7 easy steps you can take to start practicing self-love. We shall talk about how self-love can help you accept yourself, and eliminate negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hinder your progress and success. 

Pillars of Sand, Kent C. Schroer's first full-length Poetry chapbook, weaves a rich landscape of tragically human tales; The awkwardness of growing up, family ties, loss and isolation, and the harsh duality of our relationship with nature, are all explored here in gorgeous depth.

Free or discounted Dreams come in many forms. They can be happy, sad, scary, funny, or just plain weird. Last Night, I Dreamed of Pie lets children experience some of the different things people dream about. 

Rhianwyn of the Caderyn is conflicted about giving up a warrior’s life to become a wife and mother, but her love for her new husband is enough to make her consider it. However, with the conquering Gaians moving ever closer to her homeland a peaceful life may no longer be an option, for Rhia or for any of her people. 

Free or discounted 4-24 to 4-28. This book, which was a finalist for the Best Legal Thriller Indie Excellence Award, begins the arc from the racist and sexist past of a rural Southern county to a future where there is hope that the scars of the past may be overcome. A brilliant young attorney is appointed to represent an innocent black man accused of killing a rich white philanthropist, sparking a legal battle that pits him against not only public opinion, but his family, friends, and the only woman he's ever loved

Kendra and her boyfriend are sharing the same girl. This tale chronicles the lives of several queer women who navigate life in silence. Dealing with drug addiction, assault, personality disorders, and closeted behavior. They hang out at one bar in the town they live in, so everybody knows everyone else's business. At least for that day. 

Winner of the 2016 Independent Publisher Book Bronze Award for Fantasy!!!

4.5 stars 684 Reviews!

 The empire has endured many centuries but is now threatened by multiple wars and a major rebellion in the South. 

A nobleman from an infamous family, imperial legionary officer, and a born fighter… Captain Ben Stiger finds himself reassigned from a crack legion to the rebellion simmering in the South.

Smokin' Weed With Jesus is an irreverent, humorous approach to what the Messiah might have to say about how we live our lives, pointing out the differences between religion and the need for a well grounded spirituality, as well as the need to change. 

"Readers expecting the usual World War I story of military encounters, battles, and strategies will find The Sins of Soldiers operates on a satisfyingly different level than most, offering soul-searching insights and experiences that take the events of the war and move them into new emotional heights." D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review 

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A crossover YA historical fiction novel about teenage sibling Army brats in Cold War Germany in the early 1960s who deal with coming of age with a war bride mother and father with PTSD 

Free or discounted 4-11 to 18. Champions of the Dragon, Book 1 of Epic Fallacy, is a satirical high-adventure romp through the Fantasy genre in the tradition of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. From USA Today Bestselling Author Michael James Ploof.